Kauai Weather and Popular Activities on the Island

The Kauai weather typically remains balanced throughout the year. Nevertheless, it is important for you to know more about this balance and what the weather may be like before planning a trip to this place. If it is your intention to avoid the rains then it would be advisable for you to limit your trip to the southern shores. However, if you think a little pitter-patter is not going to bother you much, a trip to the eastern or northern shores is advisable.

The best time for paying a visit to this beautiful Hawaiian Island- known as the Garden Isles- is either between the months of September and November, or between April to June. Not only is the weather pleasant during this period but the airfare and hotel rates are also substantially low. While rain between December to March is not really a deterrent, the fairly high mark-up on the room rents is. If the fall season is not an option and winter is too pricey, you may want to pay a visit during spring when the rates are just right with the end of the peak season and a lull period before the summer vacationers start flowing in.

Below is a summary of the best and not-so-conducive periods for visiting the Kauai Island in Hawaii.

September to November: This is one of the best times to visit as room rates dip considerably at most of the hotels. Also, the average temperatures are fairly low and you are less likely to encounter crowds at this time of the year.

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December to March: The chilly season is when most people love travelling to Hawaii. However, this is the time of the year when the weather on the island is at its worst. The average precipitation is fairly high especially in the month of December. You also need to book a few months in advance since demand is fairly high and so are the room tariffs.

April to June: This is again one of the better periods during which you can visit the Kauai Islands. Spring season is when the place is just picture perfect- not to mention the airfares which are easy on the pocket. However, you need to be decisive with your planning so that you can avoid the rush of the summer vacation period in schools.

July to August: With summer vacations just around the corner, most Kauai hotels once again spike up the room tariffs. If you are dying to get out for the summer, you need to keep this in mind and plan well in advance so that you catch some early bird deals.

While there is never a dearth of activity in Hawaii and the Kauai Islands, some special events usually get planned for each of the seasons. In November, you can catch the Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitar Festival which is a unique treat for all music lovers. March sees the Island hosting the Prince Kuhio Celebration of the Arts which is an occasion for the more artistically and creatively oriented minds.

And if you are worried about running into a hurricane in Kauai, rest assured that these are no more than baseless rumors. True, a Grade 4 hurricane did do some damage to the place but that was more than two decades ago. Moreover Hawaii has only ever recorded two more hurricanes, one in 1959 and the other in 1982, so that should not factor as a major concern!

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