Kauai weather – Seasons – January, December, March, February, April, October, June, July.

You’ll hear people say that if you don’t like the weather on Kauai, just wait… It will be different in an hour. That is often true. It is also true that different parts of the island have different weather.

The north shore of Kauai is more green and lush; this is because it gets more rainfall. Clouds often surround the peaks of the mountains and there are a fair number of more “gray” days on the north shore. I prefer it to the nearly incessant sunshine of the south and west shores, but non-stop sunshine might be just what you are looking for. All areas enjoy some rain, a lot of sun, and tropical breezes.

On Kauai, the “windward” side of the island is the east side, and trade winds come from the northeast. The trade winds usually blow at about 12 to 15 mph, keeping the island cool. When they stop, as they sometimes do, it tends to get hot and muggy and everyone is happy to have them start again. Average high temperatures range from about 77º in the winter to 85º in the summer, while average low temperatures range from 66º in the winter and 75º in the summer.

Kauai weather in january

The rainiest months on Kauai are January, November and December, with around 5 to 6 inches of rain in the month, followed by March and April with an average of 4 inches. The word “mauka” means inland/mountain, so if you hear there will be mauka showers, expect inland rain. “Maka’i” is toward the sea.

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Water temperature near the shore is usually around 82º in the summer and 74º in the winter