How to get to Kauai Hawaii – Fly to Kauai

Obviously, the only timely way getting to Kauai hawaii is by plane. However, if you have a little time, you can take a cruise from Vancouver, Ensenada, or California on a variety of cruise lines. It takes about 5 days to cross the ocean and then you usually have another 5 or 6 glorious days, cruising around the islands before final arrival. That can be a great way to visit, although you are limited in the time of year you can travel (usually spring & autumn). All the islands are lovely and many people enjoy taking that route.

For quick arrival (I’m always in a hurry to get there), you’ve got to fly to kauai. Several airlines fly to the islands, however, not that many travel non-stop to Kauai on a daily basis. I have often wished that more carriers did fly to Kauai, but then I must remind myself that one of the things I love about Kauai is its uncrowded, unspoiled environment and 20 non-stop flights to paradise from the mainland each day would certainly take it’s toll.

Some people like working directly with the airlines for their flights. Some like to use a travel agent or a bulk re-saler to get the best fares. Others like booking online with companies like Cheap Tickets or Hotwire. I have done all three. There are often really good deals on flights to Hawaii, if you can just find them.

Direct flights to kauai – Major airlines serving the island

I used to list which airlines flew where, but with airlines going bankrupt left and right, it seems to change on a weekly basis. Alaska Airlines has been expanding their service to the islands with non-stop service from several smaller cities, such as Bellingham, WA. Hawaiian Airlines obviously offers Direct flights to kauai and service between all the islands and the western United States.

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For those who have asked: Hawaii, being one of the United States of America, has the same passport/visa requirements as the continental United States. If you need a passport to visit New York, you’ll need one to visit Hawaii.

US citizens need only their drivers license or other ID that proves citizenship.