Kauai Southshore Beaches

Brennecke Beach:

This used to be a great beach, but was severely damaged in Hurricane Iniki. Community volunteers cleaned out a seawall and brought in sand, and it’s now a  good beach for bodyboarding.

Shipwreck Beach:

Named for an old shipwreck now long gone, this beach is also called Keoniloa Beach, and it’s next to the Hyatt Resort. Can be a good beach for surfing and bodyboarding, though it often has high surf and isn’t good for swimming. The Hyatt posts colored flags that indicate ocean conditions.

Kiahuna Beach / Sheraton Beach:

This pretty beach is at the Sheraton Hotel and Kiahuna Resort. Swimming, snorkeling and bodyboarding is usually safe and enjoyable due to the offshore reef. You can get to the beach from the end of Hoonani Road.

Po’ipu Beach Park:

This is a terrific area for swimming and snorkeling. The area to the left is protected by a break water and is great for children. To the right of the tombolo (strip of land) the snorkeling is usually very good when the surf isn’t too high. In the heart of Po’ipu. Take Hwy 50 west, then go south on 520. Take Po’ipu Road east past the hotels. Turn right on Ho’owili Road and go to the end.

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