Kauai Activities in Air

One of the most amazing ways to see the beautiful island of Kauai is by air.  You have the opportunity to see in one hour many things you’d never otherwise have the chance to experience in your lifetime and it’s interesting to get such a different perspective.  

Many people say that their most memorable moments of their Kauai vacation were those spent in a powered glider or on a helicopter tour.

Helicopter Tours

Kauai has several different tour companies, and while each are basically there to show you the same sites, the experiences can be quite different due to the style of operator and the type of helicopter used.  

Kauai waterfall by airWould you prefer to be in a large craft, with noise canceling headphones and lovely Hawaiian music playing as you see the breathtaking sites?  Are you interested hearing the narrative and explanations given by the pilot as you hover over the various sites?  Would you enjoy being in a helicopter that flies with the doors OFF, giving you a completely unobstructed view?   

Highlights of the tours are usually gliding along Kauai’s beautiful NaPali Coast with its rugged cliffs and lush valleys, and hovering in the Mt Waiale’ale crater – one of the wettest places on earth.

You can contact Kauai’s helicopter companies directly, or book your tour with one of the activities brokers on Kauai, who often offer tours at a discount.  This is particularly true if you are willing to attend a timeshare presentation to lower your cost.  Be sure to inquire about their seating arrangements and tour style so you can match your tour with your needs.

Please remember that taking one of these tours is not without some risk.  Although it is infrequent, there have been fatal helicopter crashes on Kauai.  We advise you inquire as to the tour company’s safety record and their cancelation policy for inclement weather

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