Hukilau beach is sure to charm you with its beauty

The inspiration for the song “Going to Hukilau”, Hukilau beach is sure to charm you with its beauty

Located in Oahu’s north-eastern shore in a town called Laie, Hukilau Beach Park is a scenic picnic spot. This beach runs all the way between the Laie and the Kalani points. This was earlier called the Laie beach. You can easily spot it next to the Polynesian cultural centre which is a popular tourist attraction.

Hukilau is a traditional method of fishing practised in Hawaii. Here a group of people “pull a lau”. This is basically a rope which has ti leaves attached to it. There is a little history of how this beach acquired its name. It is believed to have got its name from the Mormon Church members who used to gather for a Hukilau event every week. This traditional method was also the inspiration of the song ‘Going to Hukilau”.

In the year 1940 the Mormons community, who are the inhabitants of this region and also have a majority population, got together to raise money for their church which was destroyed by fire. They thus created a huge Hukilau event which also became very popular. This event was later stopped because of severe tax implications on this event which did not make the earnings very lucrative.
Not very crowded, the Hukilau beach is ideal for swimming during the summers. But swimming in the winter months can be risky due to strong rip currents in the water. The Hukilau beach is a sandy beach and you can normally find the surf here to be very calm. It is also not an overcrowded beach and so you can enjoy some private time here with family and friends.

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The beach park does not have restrooms and thus you may need to use the beach showers. However since it is a lovely picnic spot a lot of picnic tables have been arranged for the tourists. Be careful to not choose to visit the park on a Sunday especially if you are planning to drive. The parking lot is closed on this day. But you are most welcome to walk to the beach any day. Also there is not much shade here and you may want to make your own arrangements.

So visit Hukilau beach for a relaxed swim or just lay at the beach sunbathing. The beauty of this beach is enthralling and you can spend hours together here.

You may even want to explore the Goat Island, also known as Mokuauia, when you are at the Hukilau beach park. It is just at a distance of one mile. And if you would like to visit the Goat Island Beach then you will need to walk a bit further which is possible only if the water is calm.

The right side of the Hukilau Beach is the best place to go swimming during the summers. This part is partly covered with coral reefs. However one should not venture out into the seas in the winter months due to strong currents. Also the beach has no life guards or a bathroom facility. Be aware of the dangerous sharks and jellyfishes which frequent these waters regularly.