Hawaiin Jellyfish! – Be careful before entering the Hawaiian waters.

Beware of entering the oceans of Hawaii without reading the warnings. The seas in Hawaii are populated with jellyfishes. You may find yourself crying in pain on getting a sting from a jellyfish which can even prove to be fatal.

It is advised to avoid swimming in the remote and unguarded beaches here. Jellyfishes are dangerous and you should avoid touching it as its tentacles can sting you even if the fish is dead. Children should not be allowed to enter areas where they can come in contact with a jellyfish. However if a jellyfish stings you, you should immediately see a lifeguard and get a first aid treatment done. If you still continue to feel unwell, do not hesitate to call up 911 immediately.

“Carybdea alata” and ‘Carybdea rastonii” are the common types of jellyfishes found in Hawaii. They are popularly known as “box jellyfish” because of their body structure which is square in shape. These varieties of jellyfishes are found in the west and the southern shores. You can spot a hundreds of them on the shores of Hawaii.

Box jellyfishes are remarkable creatures. They have a developed nervous system and a nerve ring which coordinates the pulsing movement of the top bell. This makes them excellent swimmers. They are also unique as they have clusters of eyes which are located on their bell and placed at each corner. This can let them sense points of light.

Box jellyfishes arrive on the Hawaiian beaches around 9-12 days after a full moon. Thus one can predict their arrival and refrain from entering the waters on those days. However a few have recently been spotted on some off cycle days as well. You can look out for warnings on the Hawaiian beaches and not enter the waters on those days. These warnings are only put on popular beaches. So if you are planning to visit a secluded beach in Hawaii you may want to find out about the warnings on these beaches from locals or at the tourist desk.

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A jellyfish sting can prove to be very fatal. Each cell of a jellyfish shoots a barb which is toxin-dosed and can penetrate the skin. This causes the stinging sensation. It is thus important that in case you get a sting you act upon it immediately. Try to remove the tentacles on the skin carefully using a towel or a napkin and wash the area with plain water or vinegar. Avoid touching the infected area with your fingers. Gently rub ice to get some relief from pain. It you experience some severe reaction, immediately get medical help. A jellyfish sting can give you a shock or even lead to death. It is thus required that you act in haste and seek medical help.

The south facing beaches in Hawaii are more prone to be impacted with jellyfishes. These include Waikiki, Ala Moana Beach Park, Waianae Coast on Oahu and Hanauma Bay. There are warning signs posted on the Poipu Beach, Big island Beaches and the Maui Beach. The next time when you venture out into the seas of Hawaii do not forget to check for theses warning signs.