Hawaiian Flowers – The flora of Hawaii invites all to its beauty and fragrance

The flowers of Hawaii are rich and diverse and you could spot a number of species here which are very rare to find in any other part of the world. Hawaii has the perfect climatic and soil conditions which support the healthy growing of a wide variety of flowering species. The climate of Hawaii is sub tropical and the soil is heavy with volcanic ash. This is the major reason why you can spot an abundance of rich and healthy flowers in Hawaii. There are trees, flowers and shrubs everywhere in Hawaii and you can even spot some growing on rocks.

Because of the subtropical climate of Hawaii many of the plants that were introduced here have gone wild and some have also become invasive. A few of these plants were introduced by the ancient Polynesians.

The official flowers of Hawaii are diverse and beautiful and they allure the Hawaiian island. The state flower of Hawaii is the yellow hibiscus. It was the official territorial flower and is now the official state flower. Every island in Hawaii has its own official flower.

The flowers in Hawaii are broadly of two categories. They may either be the natives of Hawaii or introduced from a foreign land. The native species are those that have been brought to Hawaii by natural means. This includes wind, tides and birds. However at the rate at which these native plants were introduced into Hawaii there would just be one plant in 90000 years added to the soils of Hawaii.

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The foreign flower plant species have been bought to Hawaii by the migrants. Migrants used to arrive in Hawaii and used to bring a variety of flowering plant species along with them. This led to diversity in the Hawaiian island. The introduction of foreign plants also led to the disappearance of many native trees. They were not able to adapt to the changes and thus gradually died out. In the 19th century around 200 trees were native on the Hawaiian soil. But 50% or more of them are now endangered due to not being able to sustain themselves in an unknown environment and are gradually dying out.

Half of the varieties of flowers in Hawaii are introduced from a foreign soil. Because of its isolated location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the majority of plants found here are endemic. These are not native to any other place in the world.

Hawaii flowers have bright petals and a pleasing scent. A few flowers like the hibiscus and the Hawaiian rose are used to make perfumes. These flowers are used to make a lei which is a necklace made of flowers strung together

Hibiscus also has a different role to play among the locals of Hawaii. If a lady wears a hibiscus flower on her left ear, this signifies that she is in a relationship and not interested in another man. If she wears the hibiscus flower on her right ear then that denotes that she is single.