Geckos lizards in Hawaii

Do not forget to photograph the vibrant Geckos lizards in Hawaii

Spot the little geckos lizards in Hawaii. These amphibians are not the natives of Hawaii but have been introduced to this island by migrants or by the ocean currents. They have the unique ability of pathogenesis. This means that a female gecko lizard can produce unfertilised eggs which turn into a whole clan of female clones.

With their chirping sound much like the smacking of cheeks, these tiny animals can be found almost anywhere on the island. They are believed to be the first immigrants in the Hawaiian island. There are around 900 species of geckos in the world. However Hawaii is home to just eight of those species. It is said that the first geckos travelled to Hawaii on a Polynesian canoe. These geckos must have been the inhabitants of this island for around 1500 years now. The other belief is that the eggs may have floated on to the shores independently

The geckos cannot move their eyelids. They have a very unusual vertical pupil which is covered by a transparent membrane. The gecko lizard cleans it with its long and sticky tongue. They easily run on a surface with their specialised toe pads which are covered with suction cups. These toe pads are microscopically small and difficult to see with the naked eye but let them climb glass and ceiling. The gecko lizards are mostly found at night

The four species of geckos have been living on the Hawaiian island since ages. They are the Mourning gecko, the Stump-toed gecko and the Indo-Pacific gecko. They mostly live in the urban areas. The Tree gecko lives separate in solidarity. It is believed that the fifth species of gecko entered the Hawaiian island during the World War II. This was the House gecko which was less afraid and used to prey for food. In the last few decades three more species have been introduced. They are colourful and spectacular.

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The Gold Dust Day gecko, also called the green gecko lizard, is around 5 inches long. Its base colour is green and it has some bluish colour on its feet. Spot the gold colour below its neck. The upper side of the eye is blue and the nose and the centre of the back have three reddish dots which go down till the tail. This colourful little gecko can easily be spotted in Hawaii and also makes as a lovely pet. It is believed that the Gold Dust Day gecko which is native to Madagascar and Comoros arrived via a student at Manao. The student released eight specimens and they thrived on the lush tropical valley with enough rainfall.

The Orange Spotted Day gecko which natively belongs to Mauritius came to this island in mid 1980. They feed on nectar of flowers and juices of over ripe fruits.

So when you are on a trip to Hawaii do not miss shooting these little vibrant geckos. They make a beautiful and a colourful memory to take back home.