Dangerous animals in Hawaii – Stay away!!

Hawaii boasts of an unparalleled beauty under water. The marine life in Hawaii pulls tourist to it every year that come to enjoy the colourful fishes and the coral reefs. However Hawaii is also home to a number of dangerous animals. It is thus important that one is educated on the same and every step is taken to prevent oneself from any danger.

Beware of sharks in the Hawaiian seas. The chances of encountering a shark are very rare. However the dangers cannot be completely nullified. It is advised that you check for areas which may be populated by sharks. Keep yourself restricted to guarded areas only. Also avoid wearing very bright jewellery and entering the waters as the sharks may be attracted to the contrasting colours. Do not enter the waters at dusk.

Look out for sea urchins in Hawaii. They are sharp and needle like and can puncture your skin. Just bear caution to not walk on the reefs. If in case you are poked by one try to pull the spines out. Your body will take a couple of weeks to dissolve the rupture.

Morey eels take shelter in the holes in the reefs. Avoid poking the openings as they will be provoked and will bite you.

The Portuguese man-of-war and the box jellyfish are kinds of jellyfishes found very commonly in the Hawaiian waters. They are mostly spotted close to the full moon nights. They have a stinging tentacle which can sting you really hard. Look out for warning signs and do not go into the waters if they are present. However if you get stung then pull out the tentacles off your skin with a clean napkin and then rinse the infected are with salt or water. Apply some ice packs on the area to get some relief. The swelling should subside in an hour. However if you continue to feel some irritation or dizziness, rush to a doctor immediately.

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Apart from the dangerous marine creatures, Hawaii is also known for dangerous snakes and cane spiders. The Yellow Bellied Sea snake is a highly poisonous reptile found in the waters. However they are very shy in nature and there are rare chances that you may spot one. The Brahuminy Blind snake is one of the smallest snakes and grows only to 6 inches. They are not poisonous .The Brown Tree snake is a very aggressive snake and is a serious threat.

Hawaii is also known for the deadly spiders. The Brown Violin spider is poisonous and can be found hiding in woodpiles and barks. The Cane spider bites only on provocation. It is not poisonous. The Crab spider’s punch is definitely to look out for. The Widow spider’s venom causes a lot of pain and discomfort. There are also scorpions on the Hawaiian land but they normally stay away from the crowd.

As a precautionary measure it is best to stay away from wildlife and not instigate them. Most of these dangerous animals only attack for self defence.