Cockroaches In Kauai

Don’t be surprised if you see a 20 inch long cockroach happily munching away your food in Hawaii

Cockroaches in Hawaii can be a real irritant. They are comparatively bigger and also fly. Unlike the German cockroach which is small in size, Hawaii is also home to the Periplaneta Americana which is a big cockroach .In total there are 19 species of cockroaches in Hawaii. They come out at night and are very common in some areas. Don’t be surprised if you spot a cockroach as long as 20 to 30 inches in Hawaii crawling on your building walls.

Periplaneta Americana finds its way indoors during the wet weathers. However these creatures have a big role to play in balancing the ecosystem. They recycle fallen and dead vegetation. If not for the cockroaches the land would have been vegetable rubble.

Even though this species of cockroach is very big in size, they easily find their way through cracks in the walls. They can be easily spotted on the walls even in the cleanest homes. They are not fast runners and thus are easy to capture.

Cockroaches cause no harm, still they are a big nuisance and difficult to live with. It is best to check with your hotel staff if they face problems with cockroaches in their property. If you are caught up in some place which is full of cockroaches then you could use a bug spray to shoo them away. These sprays are clinically tested and are safe and effective.

You may not be able to completely avoid cockroaches in Hawaii. It is thus important that you take a few steps yourself to limit them at your apartment. Keep all food items covered and sealed. Throw away all food containers and boxes since cockroaches thrive on leftover food boxes. It would be best if you could dispose of the trash regularly. If that is not possible just tie the trash bag tight to not let cockroaches enter. Cockroaches are dirty bugs and spread diseases.

The cockroaches fly, crawl and munch on any food. They are not harmful and there can hardly be an instance when you might have heard about a cockroach bite. Even though buildings in Hawaii spend a huge amount spraying insecticides, still there is a high chance that you will encounter a cockroach during your stay in Hawaii.

Cockroaches rarely bite and their bite is not fatal. You may just feel some irritation and swelling. However their bite should not get you worried.

As a precautionary method you should try to block every hole in the walls or under the doors to prevent cockroaches from creeping into your house. They can even push their way through a small hole in the window. It is thus important that all the holes are properly sealed. Cockroaches, though are not harmful, are known to spread diseases. They are dirty bugs and infect your homes. Do not ignore them and get your house cleaned and sprayed on a regular basis.

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